Gusto Sports Management was established in May 2019 by Paul Storer and exists as a sports management agency to manage talent with integrity.

Founding Director Paul Storer has experience both within the game and in commercial business and, after extensive research into what players actually want from their agent, decided to take the leap and Gusto Sports Management Ltd was born.

As part of the research we spoke to players at all levels of the game, from the Premier League down to National League North, including current and former internationals in order to find out what they want from their agents, what they do and don’t like, and most importantly, how they would improve the service.

The key point to emerge was that of communication in both the bad times and the good. Indeed, it was felt more important that communication between agent and player was integral during the bad times whether that is due to an injury, being out of the first team or, being out of contract. Honesty at all times was also given to us as a major factor by players as to what they wanted to see from their agents.

It is on these principles that Gusto Sports Management is built. We pride ourselves on creating first class relationships with our clients, taking every opportunity to watch them in action and to speak to them after every game, not just about their performances but also about their lives, any issues they may be facing and to offer guidance wherever possible.

We don’t want to limit ourselves to men’s football, we have a keen interest in the Ladies game and also experience within other sports too.